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Join the Campaign to Teach 2020!

The 2020 election is a huge teachable moment. YOU can help teachers take advantage of it!

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Join the Campaign to Teach 2020!

Healthcare. Education. Immigration. Climate change. Voting rights. Economic inequality. LGBTQ rights. War. Mass incarceration. The future of democracy.

The issues at stake in the 2020 presidential election will shape the lives of our young people. But how much are they actually learning about these issues? This election is a major teachable moment for young people – and a huge opportunity to get them engaged. But will teachers be able to take advantage of it?

The answer depends on you.

We invite you to be our partner in providing teachers across the country with free, informative classroom activities on 2020 election issues. To engage students in the decisions that will shape their lives, please give now to the Teach2020 Fund!

Our Teach 2020 goal: Raise $20,000 to create a series of lessons on key election issues, from immigration to climate change. The lessons we create will be posted throughout the election season on Morningside Center’s powerful lessons platform, TeachableMoment, which is used by half a million people each year. Before the primary and the general election, lessons will be packaged into a handy pdf that we’ll distribute for free.

Your contribution will help cover the cost of writing, editing, posting, and distributing lessons that will spark learning, discussion and engagement in middle and high school classrooms across the country and beyond. Donate $150 or more and get our beautiful Teach for Joy & Justice tote bag!*

Thank you for helping to make this critical teachable moment come alive for young people in classrooms across the country.

*US only